Chapter Two: Struggling With The Obvious

Is it fair that we define people by small, unimportant details about them and who they are? Most people have one distinct characteristic that everyone knows them by. The thing everyone defines me with is “one of the twins.” I struggle with this because it makes me feel like I am less of my own, and more of just a piece. It makes me feel as though I would simply be forgotten if I was not a twin. This may seem ridiculous, but this joint-recognition makes me feel like I have to try twice as hard to be recognized as an individual.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a twin. Most people are scared of new situations because they are scared of being alone. I have never had that problem because my sister is always next to me, and I know I will have at least one person to talk to. Beyond that, I cannot imagine life without her. I always have someone who is there to listen to me complain, pretend to laugh at my dumb jokes, and seem interested in my weird stories. Even though being a twin may have its issues, I would not trade my life or my sister for anything.

Thought of the day: I guess what I want to know is – when will people see me for JUST me?

With crass comments and subtle humor,

Apparently Carol


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