Chapter One: Welcome To My World

Hey whoever stumbled upon my blog. Sorry if my post seems unorganized, but my brain is always moving ninety to nothing. I have decided to write as a way for my thoughts to escape from my brain. However, I cannot decide on the frequency of my entries. Every day, once a week, or just as life happens? Also, what should I include and why? My thoughts, experiences, and feelings? I still do not know. Maybe just to remember… This is the year I graduated from high school and will soon begin my journey into college. Maybe I will just write as a way not to forget this time of my life – before failure, true hardship, the surrealism of love, or earth-shattering heartbreak.

I guess I’ll tell you a little bit more about me. I’m a small-town girl that is about to move to a huge city, and I cannot decide if I’m more excited or scared. I am not emotional, so I find it hard to decide exactly how I feel. I confuse myself. I have no idea who I am, where I belong, or what I believe to be right. I’m never alone, but I find myself lonely. Well, I guess that’s enough oversharing for now.

Thought of today: How do you discuss what you actually want from life, because what you want is usually not popular?

Until the undecided next entry date(to no one in particular, because I do not foresee anyone wanting to read my gibberish).

With crass comments and subtle humor,

Apparently Carol


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